Whatsapp Web way better

Instazzap enrich your experience with WhatsApp Web

Congratulations, you have Instazzap extension!

Let's check everything is working. Please follow the following steps:

  • Open WhatsApp Web clicking the right upper corner icon

  • If you click it again, you access Whatsapp Web.
    You can use CONTROL+DOT to open whatsapp in any page and CONTROL+DOT to go back

    * How to Use WhatsApp Web on an iPhone
    * How to Use WhatsApp Web on an Android
  • Follow the insturctions in the bottom of the page to log in
  • ┬┐What now? Just move your mouse over the image and click the share button (bottom left corner)
  • Lastly, give us your opinon Chrome Extensions

Share images easily

Tired of having to download a foto and then having to upload it to send it with WhatsApp Web?

  • Just move your mouse over the image and click the share button in the bottom left corner.
  • Select with who you wish to share it
  • And the image will be instantly shared!

Share Non-Stop!

Choose with who you want to share. With just one click you will be able to decide with who you want to share a text, image or video!

  • Fast filter
  • Arrow key navigation through your contacts

Integration with key websites

From Instazzap we are working to build functionalities for the most used websites. One of our cases is Twitter :

  • You will share the user, mesage and url to the tweet.
  • Emojis support

And much more...

We have a very long list of upgrades and features to add to the extention such as FireFox and Internet Explorer support.

If you want to help us, you can: score the extension , follow us in social media or talk about us!

(ES) Otras apps en las que hemos trabajado: Yo Nunca

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